Who are
Think8 Women?

Any woman with a driving desire to figure out who she is, why she is here and what she is meant to do with her life. Women hungry to live in flow and connection. These are the women who attend my roundtables, workshops and seminars, seeking to grow, generously sharing their own wisdom. And some of them, working one-on-one with me, become their own ‘Wonder Women’, fully living on Purpose, with meaning and grace.

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Who is
Nancy Trites Botkin?

I am a professional woman who loves being a woman, who loves working with women and who loves challenging the status quo to help other women speak up, stand up and thrive.

My Purpose is to help every woman find her Purpose and live it out loud.

When a woman finds her Purpose and aligns her life to it, she soars, embracing her gifts with passion and brilliance.

Ignited and connected, these women collectively challenge others to live on Purpose by standing in the integrity of their own lives.

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Nancy conducts monthly series of Living on Purpose Roundtables in various cities as a ‘guided forum’ for women to learn and share wisdom. Each deep-dive session explores what women are struggling with and identifies their unique gifts, figuring out how to live authentically and with confidence.

“Thank you for the RT yesterday. I found it beyond inspirational and highly effective.” – S.H.

“We have not stopped talking about it. We certainly left feeling empowered.” – J.H.

Special Events

Special Events

Whether in conferences or as a featured keynote speaker, Nancy creates deep connections helping each woman see herself, validate her gifts and believe it’s possible to move into the life of which she secretly dreams. Nancy’s powerful and calm presence encourages women to stand up, speak up so they can choose to live thier life on Purpose.

“I saw you speak yesterday at Power of the Purse. That’s not true. I felt your message and saw you yesterday. Your message was jaw dropping and uplifting. I want more… in my mind you outdid Anthony Robbins!” – G.M. from Halifax



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Corporate Roundtables create a safe space for professional women to strengthen skill sets, gain confidence and take responsibility for creating workplaces where they can authentically stand in their own power. Each session is facilitated in a concise and intimate structure with Nancy guiding with flexibility and fluidity. As the women dive deeply into each topic, they find new focus with smart strategies for living congruently, integrating life and work.

“All the topics are extremely relevant. The collaboration and sharing among the women is incredible and it makes you feel empowered when peers are looking for the same thing you are—how to become better every day.” – N.F.

Living on Purpose

The Stories of Eighteen Wonder Women

Stories of eighteen professional women candidly sharing their journey to find their life Purpose in the one-on-one immersive work with me. Articulate and honest, each powerful story framed with my own insights, inspires women to know it IS possible to create a life on Purpose.

All proceeds from this book go to support the world wide movement of Women on Purpose, on fire, changing their world and our world.

Now Available

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