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About – Think8 Women

About Think8Women

My goal with Think8Women is to nurture the courage of every woman to be fully herself and develop power to be able to hold her position in space.

By bringing my unique experiences and perspectives as a successful leader, partner and mother, I encourage women to find solutions that work for them and build the courage to speak up and stand up for themselves, regardless of conventional norms, outside pressures or other’s expectations.

In working with companies all over the world, from startups to multi-nationals, it became clear that the unique needs of professional women were not being met. Think8Women was created to address the needs of professional women who want to live their most authentic life. I wanted to help them stop, think and reevaluate what is important, what they stand for and how to communicate who they are in their own voice. This work validates women’s intuition, abilities and brilliance. To assure women that it is possible to be fully present, successful and authentic in every part of their life.

After one of my Roundtables at a high end tech company, a woman kept shaking my hand, tears running down her face saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am fifty-five years old and no one has ever given me permission before to stand in my own power as a woman.”

Think8Women was born out of Think8, an international Business Design Firm in Montreal dedicated to helping businesses and people realize their full potential to achieve meaningful success on their own terms creating a dynamic whole for life and business.

We use a dynamic system of 8-steps that was created years ago by my brilliant partner and husband, Mark Shekter. Applying each of these 8-steps in sequence, allows you to bring everything you know, have lived or ever dreamt of living into focus and alignment. The end result is to form an integrated whole, whether that be your life, your career or your company.


More About Nancy

I am a professional woman who works with other professional women to help them understand how to live and work as a woman fully aware and courageous. Whether it is through my intensive one-on-one work, Roundtables, speaking at seminars or at large conferences, my goal is to help each woman see and validate from the-inside-out who she is and how vital her gifts are for her life, her career and the world.

This work draws on the whole of my life, my relationships and my own fulfilling career.

As Co-founder and President of Think8 Systems, an international Business Design Firm in Montreal, I help businesses and people realize their full potential to achieve meaningful success on their own terms, creating a dynamic life and business. Once a woman has done personal work with me she often turns to Think8 Business Design to build her company.

Additionally, as Vice President of First Star International, a global TV and film corporation, I continue my career as Writer, Producer and Director having earned over 60 international awards and honors including an Emmy and an Oscar short-listed film.

Building a career and figuring out how to survive life as a single mom when my boys were young was not easy. Never is… but now I see my three gifted and grounded adult sons, my daughter-in-loves with five heart-tugging grandchildren and have nothing but gratitude for the joyful intertwining of our lives.

My abiding best friend and business partner for eighteen years is my precious husband Mark.

Add his son, and daughter, with her new husband and his son, and you will understand why our arms so often and easily flow open wide. Who knew your kids would one day become your best friends?!

All this to say that I am living a full life from the soaring heights of successes to bumping along some pretty dark valleys. Through the fire, rain and shine I finally figured out how to live life well and on Purpose.

And I also know that every woman can come to the place of her own certainty, a place where everything she is and has lived has value and meaning. I could not do this work with women if I had not lived the whole range. I also know that nothing is wasted.


The Think8Women Community

RIPE is our monthly gathering for the women who have done the personal one-on-one work. We meet to throw down any stops we have for living on Purpose, solve it with the collective wisdom of the group, and move forward on Purpose to thrive.

LIVING ON PURPOSE is provocative, affirming and expansive one-on-one personal work delivered in a ‘three-day intensive’ session for women who want to find their Purpose and align their life and career to that Purpose. A scholarship fund is now in place for women who need assistance in affording this work. To apply, write and ask for the info on the LOP Scholarship.

WORKING ON PURPOSE is a follow-up to Living on Purpose. Women who have completed Living On Purpose often move next to Working On Purpose, a program to build their career or grow their company. Our 8-Step System helps shape a powerful purpose for any business and aligns everyone and everything around it, creating dynamic and viable enterprises.

Increasingly, women I have worked with are training to carry forward different aspects of the Think8 Women’s work. Our goal is a world-wide movement of women Living on Purpose, on fire, changing their world and the world.


In Your Words

“It's funny, when we first met and you said you align women with their purpose the words were empty for me. Not until this week (that's 3 months after our work) did I fully grasp that when you know and live your purpose, everything else you do (from making a sandwich to being in a relationship to running a business) is an expression of the foundation, the root, of your purpose. And it either aligns or it doesn't. So many questions become immediately answered. Confusion and fear melts away. There is ONLY our purpose, the rest is just noise and distraction.You are rewriting what it means to be a woman, relate to other women, relate to ourselves, forget about ripple effect...your work is creating freaking monsoons!" – Lindsay J.

“I deeply love and appreciate you. Feels like all the work we did together and everything that has transpired was cracking open the shell to really let go...dive deeper, deeper and deeper into the truth - and then reemerge with more power and groundedness. You've single handily left an eternal impact on my heart and soul - and therefore you've had an impact on the many many, many lives I hope to move now and into the future. I want nothing less than to deeply express and HONOUR the TRUTH of the MAGIC of your work and YOU. Thank you for being an example and role model for myself and so many other women. You're incredible!" – Kaela B.

“Nancy has a rare combination of flawless intuition, artful expression, practical reasoning, emotional vigor, spiritual aptitude and vocational opulence that makes her much more than a coach, but a true mentor in the purest sense. Her work is the highly refined facilitation of a life-changing conversation between her deeply compassionate spirit and the voice of her client’s spirit that is dying to be heard: Nancy provided the smothered voice of my spirit a trusting space to fully and fearlessly express itself." – Mara M.

“Being in contact with you Nancy is a gift in my life. Thank you! The work we have done is growing inside. Something shifted deeply and an unfolding is taking place. I started to realize the magic of my Purpose through the eyes and hearts of my clients that I have met since we’ve completed the work. A long way to go to make my life integral and live up to all of this, but also a lot accomplished already. More to come!" – Lyse M.

“Being in your presence is powerful in itself, so I was beyond excited to begin this process with you. You have a way of looking at things from a difference perspective and instinctively knowing how to piece everything together. It gave me such comfort knowing that I could just be myself and trust the process. It has absolutely changed my outlook and will influence all aspects of my life moving forward. When you really sit down and put the time into uncovering what your purpose is, you can’t just turn your back on it. I almost feel that it is my duty now to inspire, make, live and choose greatness.” – Jess H.

“Before the personal Think8 session, Nancy had my adoration and respect but it was in these three days that she became one of the few people in my world that I wholly trusted. She has an incredible capacity for people; someone who collects countless lost souls along her way and gives us unconditional support to move forward.” – Emily W.


Get In Touch

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