Time to Create Your Life

Spring finally arrived! 
Montreal is drenched in sunshine, tulips and daffodils. Starved for warmth and colour, we walk the park soaking up the sight and sounds of people strolling, running, laughing, kids tangled with dogs, even as we skitter around each other, sort of staying two meters apart.
Truth be told, I wanted to run up to total strangers and grab them in a big hug. Clearly no one wants to live this way forever. The gritty residue of fear and suspicion appears to dissolve in heat. Better questions are being asked. Common sense seems more common. There is a resolve and a grit to push through, but a fierce determination not to lose what is fundamental to our lives and well-being. Connection is essential.
Last week was our final session of online Roundtables. These eight sessions were my gift to women during this unsettling time. It was profound and moving to connect in such intimate and powerful ways, week after week. 
My last session was all about Finding Meaning in this isolation. Life has meaning when we can see our lives as significant; when we choose to create and be part of something bigger than ourselves. This can be our immediate family, neighbors, or contributing to a larger community. When we reach beyond ourselves with loving intentions of helping, everything we touch brims with meaning. 
At the close of Wednesday’s sessions, we were feeling pretty emotional. Women have developed meaningful bonds in energizing interactions with other women around the world.  They thanked each other, wiping tears of gratitude for the openness, vulnerability, generosity, and shared laughter. No one wanted to say goodbye. There is always huge relief in being seen and heard by other women, knowing you are not alone in your thinking. As Marie-Josée shared, “I didn’t know it was possible to connect so deeply with so many like-minded women who I have never met face to face.”
Here’s the good news — we don’t have to say goodbye.   
As promised, we are ready to roll out my brand-new offering of the Creating My Life Series. I can’t wait for you to join me in this new adventure. All the information is here.
Thank you for being with me on this last eight-week journey. Thank you for your patience when at the start I fumbled and stumbled in new technology. But most of all, thank you for the courage to be willing to step up in your own life. 
Each of you brings a light to the world.  Together we will set it ablaze.
With love and gratitude,



Love to hear your thoughts.

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