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My business partner, friend and son once told me my blogs were more like ‘love letters’. He’s right. My words trace life as I waltz in love, drag out time, nail hard lessons and often get nailed by them, face fears, mourn losses and celebrate birth and light and life. Word shape what I see, feel and know but also let me tease meanings from everything I don’t know… these are my letters to you. My life letters.

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It Is A Good Time To Be A Woman

Every three weeks Mark and I ‘do nails’ together. It’s a sweet ritual we began in Tami’s Montreal salon twenty years ago. Mark was the first man to be invited in to have his nails done — we used to tease him that it is good to be a woman. When Tami died of brain …
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Snow-skiffed sidewalks dim as dusk settles into winter’s night. Streetlights blink on. The faint fragrance of three tall, pink roses beside my computer tease my eyes off the screen to honour their beauty. Susan has left for the day. Quietly savouring Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Mastery of Love, I found this gem tucked into the …
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Deep Connections

  I thought we had been ignored but Spring finally appeared and kissed my park across the street exploding it into delicious green. It happened in a day. Maybe two. First, a whisper of green atop one tree. An hour later, ten trees pranced in green, and by the end of the day you could …
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Think8 is an international Business Design Firm in Montreal dedicated to helping businesses and people realize their full potential to achieve meaningful success on their own terms creating a dynamic whole for life and business. We use a dynamic system of 8-steps that, when applied in sequence, allows you to bring everything you know, have lived or ever dreamt of living into focus and alignment.

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I am a professional woman who loves being a woman, who loves working with women and who loves challenging the status quo to help other women speak up, stand up and thrive.

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