Deep Connections


I thought we had been ignored but Spring finally appeared and kissed my park across the street exploding it into delicious green.

It happened in a day. Maybe two.

First, a whisper of green atop one tree. An hour later, ten trees pranced in green, and by the end of the day you could no longer count the trees exploding into spring’s song.

Lush brimming green now graces every tree, branches too heavy to do more than bob and curtsy in warm breezes.

Did you know there is an elaborate and deep connection between trees? They communicate needs and send nutrients as requested via a vast network of laticed fungi buried deep in the soil.

Deep connections.

You can’t fake deep connections in your life. You can’t pretend to have real connections if they are not there. You have a deep connection with another person or you don’t. It is — or it isn’t. But we all need it.

Like trees standing together, when we are deeply connected we reach out to the other, to nurture to be nurtured, and to grow.

Some trees grow old together side by side. Some trees fall. Hit by lightening, downed by chain saws, decayed from within or blighted from without. Some trees simply don’t make it.

Some trees grow too fast then topple.

There are cherished people in my life who have stood side by side for a long time. They are precious, stately, magnificent and solid. I depend on them.

And I have had friendships that ran their course. I miss them.

But there are also new trees growing around me, ones with whom I am deeply connected. Sometimes I wish we could make up for the lost time we have not shared in our lives.

But I also know there is no hurry.

Deep connection is like a gift you didn’t know was coming. A down comforter in winter’s storm. A shaded patch under a broiling sun.

There is a giddy delight and pride in having your friends by your side in the deep connection of life. Knowing and seeing, yet accepting and loving.


Here’s to spring.

Here’s to being deepy connected.

Here’s to you my friends.




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