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My business partner, friend and son once told me my blogs were more like ‘love letters’. He’s right. My words trace life as I waltz in love, drag out time, nail hard lessons and often get nailed by them, face fears, mourn losses and celebrate birth and light and life. Word shape what I see, feel and know but also let me tease meanings from everything I don’t know… these are my letters to you. My life letters.

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‘Gestures’ is the word that has snagged my thinking these last few days. Big ones. Little ones. How immediate gestures are. These past four weeks felt like one long limp day that rolled into a long breezeless night. There are so few markers that I have to stop and think to know what day of the week …
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Time to Create Your Life

Spring finally arrived!  Montreal is drenched in sunshine, tulips and daffodils. Starved for warmth and colour, we walk the park soaking up the sight and sounds of people strolling, running, laughing, kids tangled with dogs, even as we skitter around each other, sort of staying two meters apart. Truth be told, I wanted to run up to total strangers …
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I’m often asked if living your Purpose makes life easy. Yes and no. It doesn’t mean the road before you suddenly becomes perfectly smooth and straight. Yes, new doors open, yes, you feel a powerful flow of energy and your knowingness assures you when you are on the road or when you veer off.  But there …
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Think8 is an international Business Design Firm in Montreal dedicated to helping businesses and people realize their full potential to achieve meaningful success on their own terms creating a dynamic whole for life and business. We use a dynamic system of 8-steps that, when applied in sequence, allows you to bring everything you know, have lived or ever dreamt of living into focus and alignment.

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I am a professional woman who loves being a woman, who loves working with women and who loves challenging the status quo to help other women speak up, stand up and thrive.

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