As the sun burst through clouds Saturday afternoon in the Ontario countryside, Amy and Chris wed under the old family apple tree, heavy in white blossoms. As the beautiful couple read vows pledging fierce love, a hundred and fifty family and friends blinked away tears, including me. 

Both the bride and groom recently completed intensive one-on-one sessions with me, so we witnessed the electric energy and joy of a couple who know who they are, standing firm in their purpose with full alignment of dreams and goals. It was heart-soaring. Can you imagine starting a life together in this way?

I often tell women that ‘love’ is simply the ticket to the show. Of course you love him–  and of course he loves you. So ‘love’ is not the determining factor. It is the ticket into the show. The ‘show’ is in the big tent. Great you have a ticket, but once you’re inside the tent, you realise the ticket isn’t the show.  The show is YOU—life played out by two of you.  

Love is a verb. 

It’s not simply words or feelings. Love is action. Love is in the series of little choices you make every moment of every day.  Whether you are talking being in a couple, being single or simply loving yourself.

Are you up for the big tent? Are you willing to spot him on the high-wire? Is he able to catch you on the trapeze? Can you both be in the spotlight or does the light only shine on one of you? 

What are his gifts? What are yours? What is he here to do on this earth? Why are you here at this time and place? How do you make your life together propel and support each other to reach the greatest heights of meaning and impact?

Choose love in everything you do and say?

As Chris said in his speech, “I wake up every morning and the joy and happiness I feel is like being in a dream, but I am wide awake. I didn’t know life could be like this.”

I cannot wait to see Amy and Chris live their love as a verb.

With my love to you, 



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